Mama Pho Warsaw? More Like Mama Huhu


Mama Pho Warsaw is part of the #NoCollusion, No Albania for TPOL where I break my 100 country count mark. See the World Map for where I’ve been.

If you know me then you’ll know that I travel the world in search of pho (see All Pho Reviews). When I went to Warsaw, I did not expect that there would be so many pho restaurants in the city. A quick Google revealed the large Vietnamese population which led me to believe that the a break from beet soup, pork knuckle, and dumplings (see Folk Gospoda, a Must Must Eat in Warsaw) was an acceptable deviation from local cuisine.

That proved to be a mistake. Following my walkabout through Old Town (see Old Town Warsaw in Pictures) and on the way back to the Sheraton Warsaw, I stopped at Mama Pho. It is located on Nowy Świat, the main street leading to the Royal Castle. 

Still full from dumplings, I skipped the traditional summer rolls and went straight for the pho. 

The beef came out overcooked, and the noodles were too thick.

Realizing I made a mistake, I didn’t stick around to see the bottom of the bowl. Instead, I made a hasty exit and decided that Warsaw would not make the Pho Sho, Fu Uh Sho: The Top Ten Places to Get Pho! list.

A day later, my suspicions were confirmed when I went to Pho Ever Yum and had another marginal bowl made with too much pepper. Strangely, the restaurant served dim sum as well which, unlike the pho, was pretty good.


Maybe it was foolish to try to find good pho in Warsaw. Maybe it was just the two places I tried, but overall I was disappointed in the 虎 pho I tried. I have to apologize to my pho friends for not finding a spot worth your pho-king time. 

Learn Chinese with TPOL: Mama huhu (虎) means “so-so.” 



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