Trattoria Emilia Melbourne: A 5 Course Lunch, Why Not?


Great Italian Food Melbourne is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

Perhaps you have a great bottle of wine you were supposed to bring home for a special occasion. Perhaps you have the thirsties and do not like to wait. Perhaps you are slightly hungry. If so, and it happens to be a Wednesday, go to Trattoria Emilia.


The restaurant is tucked away off a side street, making it one of those finds that justify traveling all over the globe.

I wish I came across more alleys with restaurants like this.


Emilia doesn’t allow you to bring your own vino any day of the week. It does allow it on Wednesday. I brought my own pinot noir, which I purchased from Seville during my Yarra Valley Vineyard Crawl, and bought a bottle of white to pair with the main portion.

Seville’s finest


If you thought I couldn’t describe wine appropriately, you’ll be utterly disappointed at my attempts to describe food. For your sake and my laziness, I’ll stick to pictures:

Sardines that taste good?
Kale? What’s next Vegan?
Yum, yum
I lost count and thought this was the main dish.
And now dessert


I was there on a Wednesday afternoon and the place was full. I’m assuming not all people were tourists, leaving me to wonder how they go back to work after eating so much.


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