Pho 6 NYC: Great, But Not The Best


Pho 6 NYC is part of TPOL in NYC.

I got greedy. After finding the Sao Mai, the Best Pho in NYC, I didn’t do what I did after finding the Best Korean BBQ in NYC. I decided to let it ride and look for something to top my previous experience. Enter The Pho 6.

TPOL’s TIP: The Pho 6 is located at 222 E 51st St, New York, NY 10022. This is a more convenient location than Sao Mai because I am usually in Midtown for work.

Warning Sign

Whenever a restaurant is cheap on the sprouts, I am suspicious of what is to come.

Warning 2

Whenever the summer rolls are too fancy or creative, I am suspicious of what is to come.

Warning 3

Whenever a restaurant doesn’t use the standard issue soup spoon, I am suspicious of what is to come.

Wrong Warnings

Fortunately, none of those bad omens meant anything. The pho was very good.

The beef was perfect.

The broth was not oily.

The noodles never stood a chance.


The Pho 6 is great. I would recommend it and I would return. But, now that I have discovered Sao Mai, I can’t rationalize going anywhere else.


  1. You went to the SIXTH location of a Pho chain. Why so concerned? If there first five were successful, the sixth couldn’t have been so scary. Guess it goes to show, bean Sprouts aren’t the way to go!

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