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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Instant Pho? En Casa Costco Pho Review

Instant Pho is part of The Lost & Found Year(s) Trip Report.

The number one draw for my blog is my Pho reviews. Without access to aviation, I have had no opportunities to sample new pho. Indeed, the furthest I’ve ventured is to my local Costco. Last time I was there, I was buying my typical chicken & broccoli when I came across a peculiar sight: instant pho for sale. This was peculiar for two reasons. First, Costco only sells a limited number of items. Instant pho seemed very niche, especially for the Puerto Rican market, one of the few places in the world I have not tried pho. Second, how can a dish that takes hours and hours to prepare be reduced to three minutes in the microwave? Surely it must taste like ramen noodles or something terrible. For $10, I made the sacrilegious choice to buy 9 pre-made bowls. After all, in these ‘unprecedented times’, unprecedented actions are acceptable (see From Your Grade School Principal: Regarding COVID-19).

a box of noodles on a table
Instant pho? Say it ain’t so.

So how did it go? Let’s look at the unboxing.

a container of noodles on a counter
One small bowl.
a plate of noodles with seasoning on it
Add in the spices.
a bowl of noodle soup
Put in microwave.
a bowl of noodles with chopsticks
Would have been nice to have had beef.
a spoon in a bowl
Good till the last drop.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t left the house in years, but I was very impressed with instant pho.


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