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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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2022: The Year of Status

As of today, I don’t have any plans for travel in 2021 unless the Bills go to the Super Bowl (see Bills Mafia: TPOL’s NFL Playoff Predictions). That doesn’t mean that I will be losing or not qualifying for hotel status this year. First, Hyatt announced its Globalist promotion (see Becoming Hyatt Globalist Again: TPOL’s Masterpiece Strategy). Now, Marriott is making it possible for me to requalify for Titanium Elite by doing next to nothing. As Lucky wrote, “As a Bonvoy Titanium member with two co-branded credit cards I’ll already be at 68 elite nights for 2021, meaning I’ll only need seven more elite nights to requalify for Titanium status.” Unless I’m vaccinated, I won’t be back on the road in time to take advantage of the double elite nights promotion. That should not be an issue because before the year is done, I will have 4 stay certificates, leaving me to pay for 3 nights for requalification.

I originally thought that international travel would be possible in November of last year. Then I moved my prediction to spring of this year. Now I’m thinking it won’t be until October. But once it happens, I will have the status needed to enjoy it fully.

a large building with a statue of a lion
Marriott in Macedonia


    • Good news is all the points I’ve hoarded by not going anywhere, though I probably would’ve replenished those by traveling. Maybe there’s no good news. October!

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