Radisson Sonya St. Petersburg: KGB? A Sauna In My Room? TPOL on TV?


Radisson St Petersburg Hotel Review is part of the Quest Around the Globe Trip Report.

I’ve stayed in some interesting hotels in my life (see Hotel Reviews). This one was by far the strangest.

1. KGB 

The taxi driver dropped me off at the hotel and before I got out, he asked me if I was familiar with the KGB. I didn’t know where he was going with that question nor did I want to broach that subject. He said, “The building across from your hotel is KGB. Keep your window shades down.” I thanked him for the ride, got out, and took a photo of the hotel at night.

Who could it be? KGB?

2. A Hotel for Writers

A peculiar theme throughout the hotel was the tribute to authors. Each room had a quote from a famous literary work.

Even the bathroom curtains were book covers.

3. Stairs to the Bunker 

KGB or no KGB, I felt safe in this underground bunker.

4. A Sauna in My Room

The third and by far the oddest feature was the sauna amenity in my bedroom. This was a first for me.

5. The Art 

Judging by the design of the hallway, the welcome letter, or the art in the room, this hotel is either a place for the creative types or an insane asylum for them.

6. TPOL on TV

If things weren’t crazy enough, imagine my surprise when I saw myself on TV (see Behind the Scenes: TPOL’s Interview with Richard Quest). Perhaps one day one of the quotes from my book will be outside of a door (purchase Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong . . . Including Mine). Wouldn’t that be fitting?

Besides that, everything was normal.


I was expecting absinthe in the mini bar.



Apart from the sauna, the bathroom was ordinary.

Living Room 

Perhaps the living room was a bit strange.


The mental patients escaped their straight jackets and gathered for a normal breakfast.

The Hotel Itself 

I really wondered what other guests thought of the hotel and its one of a kind ambiance. Were they all in on this ruse?

Nothing to See Here 

After a weird night, it was time to go explore St. Petersburg. From the outside, the hotel looks completely normal. One would never know what was happening within this hotel, except, perhaps, the KGB headquartered across the street.


St. Petersburg has plenty to see and do (see Guns & Butter: St. Petersburg Travel Guide). I did not think that the hotel would be one of the best attractions.

Radisson St Petersburg Hotel Review is part of the Quest Around the Globe Trip Report.


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