Give Me the Vaccine And Put Me on a 737 MAX


Vaccine is part of the Covid Trip Report which hopefully ends soon leading to the Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report.

The world is upside down, plagued by conspiracy theories purported by a troll and his minions (see Social Distance Yourself from Misinformation). On the one hand, they say that everything that the government is involved in is corrupt. On the other, they laud Operation Warp Speed for finding a vaccine for a virus that was a ‘complete hoax.’ On the one hand, they say that the heads of government agencies are working to undermine America. On the other, they say that we should trust the FAA who says that the 737 MAX is safe to fly.

So which one is it?

I’m going with blind trust even if it leaves me blind or dead by sticking my arm out for the vaccine as soon as it becomes available en route to the airport to fly on the first 737 MAX out of here, hopefully bound for a carnival celebration with tens of thousands of people somewhere (see Recap: Trinidad Carnival (Good), Injured (Bad), 737-Max (Worse), Home (Safe)).

The alternative is to remain in my basement, watching the never-ending drama of power-hungry politicians and pundits preach on how who should run my life. No thank you.

Take me to the crowds.



  1. Picked up on the nightly news. Did not mention sneaky rename tho. Who’d thought planes falling out of the sky would be the least of our problems now? LOL

  2. Pfizer wasn’t part of “Warp Speed”. And in any case no vaccine is available at this time.
    So keep holding your arm out, but it’ll be a long wait.

    I’d hold out more hope for CureVac or J&J being our saviors. Those DO NOT require
    expensive ultracold refrigeration temperatures and can even be at room temp for 24 hours
    before administration. Those are vaccines that can get delivered from a city to a village on
    the back of a motorbike to be administered.

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