Zoom Again? What Happened to Phone Calls?


Zoom Again is part of the Covid Trip Report.

Covid has taken away our right to privacy. And I’m not talking about lockdowns (see Puerto Rico’s Coronavirus Crackdown: Justified Or Unconstitutional?). I’m talking, once again, about Zoom calls. Recall how great life was when phone calls were replaced by emails? And how phone calls were only used in case of emergency? Now, inexplicably, matters that had to be handled by an annoying phone conversation are needlessly conducted over Zoom. This intrusion means that I have to actually wear clothes (see Let’s Zoom Naked), be in a locale that somewhat resembles an office, and appear as if I have an interest in what we are discussing.

While I understand that many people are lonely during this time and need some human interaction, that is not the case for all of us. One day we will go back to traveling, we won’t want to Zoom from Yangon, and we will regret making it normal to do so.

#STOPTHESTEAL of my purposeful isolation. Social distancing applies digitally as well.

Professional enough for you?


  1. Amen. I refuse to give in to the Zoom baloney. I will happily join in with camera OFF. It’s called a conference call, and it works fine just like it always has.

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