Bills Mafia: TPOL’s NFL Playoff Predictions


Little did I know that my life would change forever when my dad asked me to pick which team I would be rooting for when the Bills played the Giants in Superbowl XXV. Following that loss, the Bills lost three more Super Bowls and I was forever scarred. The turmoil did not end. In 2000, the Bills were on the verge of winning their first playoff game since the Jim Kelly era. My sister’s boyfriend commented that it was finally happening. To which I told him to wait until the final whistle had blown. Here’s how that ended:

The only happy memories from being a Bills fan came from my dominance in Super Tecmo Bowl where I, along with QB Bills, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, and Bruce Smith would dominate anyone who attempted to come up against me. Fortuitously, my other team was the KC Chiefs where Christian Okoye, the Nigerian Nightmare, along with Derrick Thomas would shut down anyone who dared challenge us.

This brings me to the current playoff matches and my predictions. Let’s start with the NFC Wildcard:

Saints vs. Bears: Why and how are the Bears in this? Saints easily cover the 10 point spread as the Bears fail to score any points.

Seahawks vs. Rams: Anyone else sick of the AWS Wilson commercial? Unfortunately, we’ll be seeing them again as the Seahawks beat the Rams and cover the -4.5 spread.

Washington Football Team vs. Buccaneers: This is almost as bad as the Bears game. Brady dominates again in a spread covering blowout.

And now for the more exciting AFC Wildcard.

Browns vs. Steelers: Sure I hate everything about Ohio, but who isn’t rooting for the Browns? Baker squeaks out a win and annoying Roethlisberger retires from the NFL and goes on a much-needed diet.

Bills vs. Colts: The perennial loser Philip Rivers goes down in flames again but the Bills fail to cover the -6.5 spread.

Titans vs. Ravens: Jackson continues to struggle in the playoffs and Derrick Henry avenges last year’s loss by shoving more kids out of his way by beating the favored Ravens.

This brings me to the NFC divisional round.

Buccaneers vs. Packers: Tom’s run ends here.

Seahawks vs. Saints: Saints continue to roll.

And now for the AFC divisional round.

Browns vs. Chiefs: Easy choice, the Chiefs.

Titans vs. Bills: Bills avenge the Music City Miracle.

This sets up the NFC and AFC championship game.

Saints vs. Packers & Chiefs vs. Bills. 

I would like to see the Saints but I have to pick the Packers. Like they did all those years before, the Bills beat the Chiefs to get to the Super Bowl. After that, I can only hope that I’m double vaccinated, I can afford tickets, and that Buffalo finally wins it all. But history is not on your side.

Lions may go in 2045.

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