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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Keep vs. Cancel: US Bank Radisson

I’ve had a low tolerance for annual fees since 2020 was not the year of travel (see NYC Twice: A Recap of My 2020 Travels). Two cards that I continue to pay for are my personal and business Radisson. The question is always the same, “Is $60 for the business and $75 for the personal worth 80,000 Club Carlson (now Radisson) points cumulatively?” (see Keep Vs. Cancel: The Club Carlson Twins). I haven’t stayed at a Radisson in quite some time so my points balance continues to grow. Despite this, the answer continues to be yes. I don’t bother calling US Bank to cancel as I have never received a retention bonus from them before. I may try it this time but when you don’t read the follow-up, know that their answer was no and that I kept both cards.

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Radisson Blu 1919 Reykjavik





  1. DP: I received a credit for my $75 annual fee this past year. Spoke with a customer specialist in November and was told they’d escalate it for a review. Few days later a “Reversal Of Annual Membership Fee” posted to my account.

    I don’t believe I’d asked for/received a retention bonus in the past, and I *rarely* use the card.

  2. I like my Radisson card which I’ve held for many years. It includes Gold status as well as the annual credits so that is an added bonus as well. This isn’t the sexiest card out there but it does provide for some good benefits overall. It’s also a US Bank card so it doesn’t go against the total number with churning banks like Citi and Chase.

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