Simply The Best (And Worst): TPOL in 2020


2020. Need I say more? Simply The Worst became a necessary post in 2020 due to the circumstances. Hopefully, it goes away by 2022. Here are the best (and worst) posts of 2020.

Simply The Best: January 2020

Simply The Best: February 2020

Simply The Best: March 2020

Simply The Best: April 2020

Simply The Best: May 2020

Life is grand indeed!

Simply The Best: June 2020

Pushing myself and pushing my guide to go beyond what most people do was well worth it.

Simply The Best: July 2020

Simply The Worst: July 2020

Interrupting the flow of the best posts was the lockdown.

Simply The Best: August 2020

Let’s look back at the great time TPOL had in Shanghai when he lived there as an expat.

Simply The Best: September 2020

Take a look at this. Have you seen anything more beautiful?

Simply The Worst: September 2020

Interrupt the best to bring you back to reality.

Simply The Best: October 2020

Simply The Best: November 2020

Let’s do this like SportsCenter and rank the best cities I’ve visited out of the 100 largest cities in the world.

Simply The Worst: December 2020

Each year I’m supposed to update my Where to Party? New Year’s Eve list, which for twenty years in a row featured a new city. This year I will be going nowhere. In fact, this year I will be in the exact same spot as last year.

Simply The Best: December 2020 

I refused to end the year on a negative note, back to the golf chopper.







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