Simply The Worst: December 2020


The shit’s almost over. I’m talking about the year, not the pandemic. Here are the COVID related posts from December that are part of the lonely Lost & Found Year(s) Trip Report. Note the (s). How long will this last? Santa deliver me Moderna or Pfizer, either is fine.

  1. COVID 2020: TPOL’s Most Productive Year

    All I need in this life of sin is me and my golf cart.
  2. NYC Twice: A Recap of My 2020 Travels

    Sittin’ on the dock of the bay…
  3. Bored at Home? Read a (My) Book

    Read it, review it, live it!
  4. Cancelled! Festivus 2020

    Can we finally say it? We aren’t in this together.
  5. How to End Zoom Meetings: Ocean View + Cologne

    I hope it’s freezing where you are!
  6. No Alcohol Sales on the Weekend, No Golf on Sunday: Another Stupid Lockdown Measure

    The beach is still full on the weekends. Everyone is obviously exercising. #stupidgovernment #stupidorders
  7. Out of an Abundance of Caution, Michigan Should Cancel the Season

    The book of Revelation describes the end of days where good will battle evil once and for all. A glimpse of this fight will take place on November 26, 2016 when the hopefully undefeated Wolverines will take on a hopefully undefeated Buckeyes team in Columbus, Ohio.
    My plan to sabotage the Buckeyes didn’t work. I’m sure Clemson will Roll on them.
  8. Turkey Run 2020: Race Results
Plump turkey needs to get after it in 2021.




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