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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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No Alcohol Sales on the Weekend, No Golf on Sunday: Another Stupid Lockdown Measure

Lockdown Part 2 is part of the Covid Trip Report.

We’re rounding the turn! Remember that? (See Social Distance Yourself from Misinformation). Indeed, we’re rounding the turn right back to where we started (see Back on Lockdown in Puerto Rico). In its latest attempt to curb the spread of Covid, the island of Puerto Rico has come up with its most asinine plan yet. It includes closing the pool at my villa for the next month, despite no one using it in general. It includes no alcohol sales on the weekend, both at stores and at restaurants, which is a great idea for killing small businesses. And it includes a stay at home order for Sundays. The beaches are already closed, though you would not know it from the onslaught of tourists (see Frontier Airlines: The Covid Super Spreader for Puerto Rico & Infected Tourists Are Coming to Puerto Rico).

Obviously, the basis for these strategic measures is the fact that Covid loves to go out on the weekend and, like Keyser Söze, it will find you if you do the same. Covid, like Santa Claus, sees you when you’re sleeping, it knows when you’re awake, it knows if you’ve been bad or good, so put on your damn mask and stay away (see Can I Go Visit Puerto Rico?). Besides blaming tourists, who have done their fair share of dumb things (see Passenger Attacks National Guard Soldier at San Juan Airport), residents are also to blame. They continue to host gatherings in their houses, while believing that there’s no way their friends and family could be infected because they are friends and family.

During the worst response in US history to protect American lives, it is hard to keep my sanity and it is hard to have faith in humankind. This living hell started with the phrase, ‘we’re all in this together’ (see From Your Grade School Principal: Regarding COVID-19). Now it should be ‘we’re all ducked until Pfizer says it’s ok to come out and play.’

All of this has gone on far longer than I expected and far longer than it should have. In April I wrote that I should move to Taiwan before the second wave, a dream, like the national mask mandate, that was dead on arrival (see Stop Going to the Bar Jerks!). Punxsutawney TPOL is optimistic he will eventually leave the island, but the next few months are going to be a challenge as the virus continues to spread, the ignorant remain defiant that this is all a hoax #STOPTHESTEAL, and leadership on all levels continues to fail.

Till then, don’t say Covid in the mirror 3 times, lest the Coronaman gets you.

a beach with a rainbow in the sky
Closing the beach for leisure means more room for me to workout.




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