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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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How to End Zoom Meetings: Ocean View + Cologne

End Zoom Meetings is part of the Covid Trip Report.

Covid isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it seems like it is knocking on my front door. Every sniffle, every headache, and every cough prompts the question of is it finally my turn? (See Thanks Donald! My COVID Test in Puerto Rico.) One constant complaint besides random lockdowns (see No Alcohol Sales on the Weekend, No Golf on Sunday: Another Stupid Lockdown Measure) is Zoom calls (see Complaint of the Week: Zoom Calls Zoom Again? What Happened to Phone Calls?).

Like a victim of kidnapping, I’ve stopped fighting the Zoomers and have now gone in the opposite direction, jacket and tie mode, pants still optional (see Let’s Zoom Naked). I even put on a few sprays of sex panther to make sure I am both seen and smelled (see TPOL Knows Cologne, Just Don’t Buy It on a Plane). I hope that my contrived enthusiasm turns people off from Zooming with me in the future. I underscore this over-the-top behavior by showing my New York colleagues an unsolicited view from my balcony. The latter move should become more obnoxious as the winter proceeds and will hopefully lead to no one talking to me again, whether it be by phone, email, or Zoom.

How much more of Zoom can you handle? What are you doing to stop it now before it survives post Covid?

a landscape with a body of water and buildings
I hope it’s freezing where you are.

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