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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Stressed! Am I Going to Receive my 500 Hyatt Points?

I logged in yesterday and listened to Hyatt tell me how everything is going to be all right. I did it because life is upside down (see No Alcohol Sales on the Weekend, No Golf on Sunday: Another Stupid Lockdown Measure). I actually did it to receive the 500 free points. After finishing “Unwind with a guided mediation,” nothing happened. There was no confirmation that I finished the relaxation segment. Frantic, I checked Hyatt’s email and it said no registration is required. Unnerved, I tried another. Nothing happened. Pissed, I tried clicking the link below “Enjoying Headspace? Find Out More.” Here’s what I found:

a screenshot of a phone not found

What the bleep Hyatt? This was not a relaxing exercise.



  1. Don’t stress You will just waste your 500 points on some lame Cat 1 anyway. I am stressed because I need my 500 points towards Park Hyatt Zurich.

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