Office for a Day Or Love Hotel by the Hour? Hyatt’s New Offer


I’ll give it to Hyatt, they are being creative in ‘these uncertain times,’ a phrase that is overused. Their first bold move was cutting Globalist status, a topic that has been over-analyzed on, including mine (see Becoming Hyatt Globalist Again: TPOL’s Masterpiece Strategy). Their next idea was the introduction of “Office for a Day.” Unlike Marriott, where someone can book a workspace, this is an actual room for 12 hours. Besides those seeking status, who else is actually going to book a room by the hour?

When I read that rates started at $65, I instantly thought of The Deuce on HBO. I then thought of inter-office romances and affairs and the excuses that would follow when the promiscuous party was caught – “But honey, I was just doing it to maintain our status. You don’t actually want to pay for breakfast at Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome, do you?”

Anyone else find humor in this ploy to drive revenue? Or am I the only one with a sordid mind?

What perks come with Globalist status in the Red Light District?

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