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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome: Overrated Breakfast

Why do I read other blogs? What other people like, I do not like. Indeed, why do you read mine? Unless you have the same awesome tastes and preferences as me, then you should not read me.

I usually do not do a separate review for a hotel’s breakfast, but I had to for the Park Hyatt Vendome. The breakfast there has been hyped by so many bloggers and I have no idea why. To start, let me be clear, the food is good. The eggs taste like eggs. The croissant was a croissant. And the orange juice? It was made from real girl scouts. But beyond that, it was nothing special. In fact, it was lacking in comparison to other Park Hyatts. (see Grand Hyatt Guangzhou)

Hot food can only be ordered off of the menu, and the selection was nothing special. Limited by the lack of variety, I asked for an omelette with everything. My English must be rusty because the omelette I was served had spinach and cheese. Spinach may be sufficient for Popeye but I require protein. In comparison, the Park Hyatt Milan had a lobster caviar omelette. Como se dice, delicious in French?

Now for the pastries. Some people love sweets. I like them but I do not love them. View from the Wing’s Gary went on about how great they are at the Park Hyatt. Like pasta in Italy, I don’t see how sugar and flour can be that much better. It’s either a tasty cookie or a crap cookie.

The rest of the buffet was cheese and meats. I love cheese but not for breakfast and certainly not without vino. The meats were deli meat. Again, how can deli meat be prepared differently? It’s not like the turkey were rice fed cousins of wagyu beef.

My recommendation if you go to the Park Hyatt Paris is to skip the buffet and do room service, an option that is included as part of your Diamondalist perk. My other recommendation is to stop listening to people.

The Dining Room 

a group of people sitting at tables in a restaurant a white flowers in a glass roof a glass roof of a buildinga group of white flowers in a room

The Buffett a tray of croissants on a table a buffet table with food and drinks a plate of meat on a machine a buffet table with food on it a tray of meat and vegetables a circular piece of food on a wooden plate a group of doughnuts in a pink wrapper a group of pastries with tongs a group of muffins in brown wrappers

My Breakfast 

a plate of food with meat a glass of orange juice next to a potted plant a bowl of food with fruit a plate of food on a plate a man sitting at a table with a plate of food and a flower



  1. If pastries are just pastries to you then sure. I happen to value French baking techniques, the difference between a curved croissant ordinaire and a croissant traditional.

    And of course you can order your eggs however you like them, or anything else, you just need to be specific and not assume they know what you’re talking about (that you have the same common frame of reference). I happen to like mine scrambled with emmenthaler cheese, good cheese makes the dish.

    But if that’s not your thing — net net I prefer Asian dishes over French ones, but you get good fruit and great yogurt, I even had the hotel get me their bicher muesli recipe.

    • Fair points, but looking at the pic of your breakfast on your blog and the pics here, they are night and day. The presentation alone in your breakfast was twice as good. Though this could be a reflection of eating it via room service while the plebs are downstairs in the cattle call. I understand you have to be specific, but when you are paying 50 euros in a 5 star restaurant the waiter/waitress should be the one asking the specific questions. That omelet looks like its from a gas station.

      That said, I’ve stayed at this hotel, never woke up in time for breakfast but after reading this I am glad I missed it. I’m sure the food is good but this honestly doesn’t even look as good as the breakfast buffet I got at a Sheraton in Cancun for $15 lol. Their croissants are probably good but when its a buffet, you can’t just be good at one thing.

  2. I was just here July 14-18. I have to agree. I mean it was really nice, but I’ve had offerings nearly as good at Regency locations. The only thing that seemed a bit unique presentation wise was the meat slicer with the beef.

    My kids ate it up like the buffet at any other Hyatt so I wasn’t as disappointed as you. I’m happy if we all get fueled and it’s a nice environment, and I like the breakfast area with the skylight.

    Special thing for me about this location, was that I had used a Suite Upgrade, which only rated us a Junior Suite. Now with 2 small people we can certainly be fine in there, but after checking us into one, the front desk called up 15 minutes later. They APOLOGETICALLY offered us an executive suite so we could be more comfortable. So we ended up in room that racks for something like 5K USD a night, and ended up only paying out of our pockets 35 Euros for city tax. I certainly can’t complain about that!

    It was a spectacular place and location. Although to be honest, a bit pretentious for a travelling family. I felt more at home at the Hyatt Regency Churchill in London which we stayed at the previous 4 nights.

    I have kicked the idea to a few Hyatt people of being able to buy back status like with Marriott to no avail. I could make Diamond with stays under the old system, but not Globalist next year. I will miss you Hyatt but certainly went out with a bang this year!

    • Thanks for the comment. My review of the hotel should post on Monday. I liked the property, especially the spa. The standard room was great as well.

  3. Correction, I looked up rates for executive suite something like 1500 Euros a night. Still, getting it on points+SU was a spectacular and generous offer. It made our stay so much better with the extra space, and the little people can sleep on the sofa bed and the adults can have some privacy.

  4. WARNING: The round muffin like thing in paper is their version of French Toast. It was loaded with sugar, I didn’t finish mine. My wife had one and it was a gut bomb, she had indigestion later.

  5. I was also totally underwhelmed by the PHV breakfast. I had read Gary Leff’s raving review of it and was really looking forward to it. The quality of the food is excellent, but here is what disappointed me:
    1. The Service. While the servers felt high class, service was slow for a top end hotel. When we first arrived, there were 2 other couples ahead of me and it took them about 10 minutes to seat me. There were multiple empty tables available and multiple hotel staff members walking around. Either one of those other restaurant staff members could have sat me down and handed me a menu. Despite the fact that there were multiple restaurant staff milling around, only one person was seating the guests and that person for some reason took a long time seating people.
    2. The selection was minimal. After the long wait to be seated, I was very disappointed to see what a small selection of food they had. To me it was totally not worth the cost. I guess I am spoiled by the fantastic and massive selection provided by the top hotels in Asia.
    The very best breakfast in the world that I have ever experienced was at the Four Seasons Macao. Not only was the food selection extensive, the food quality perfect, but the service was over the top. I have never experienced that level of service at any restaurant in the world. May be I was just super lucky that day to get that level of service.

  6. We love Hyatt free brekkie and really loved the PHV version, but burning a meal in a city like Paris in a hotel was kinda painful. I mean how many great bakeries and boulangeries are steps/feet away?

  7. I liked the breakfast at the hotel, but then again, I’m easily pleased. Seriously, I enjoyed it – but appreciate the fact that you didn’t.

    PS, the Hyatt Regency Long Island in Islandia (a category 2 hotel) has Lobster Benedict on the breakfast menu (It’s better than Red Lobster for a Taste of Maine).

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