Tirana, Taipei, Lisbon, Or Bangkok: The Runoff Vote!


TPOL has gotten to the bottom of the election fraud that has plagued his Vote Where TPOL Moves Next! And I’ll Go There. It started with a huge list of random places. Then I found out that there were certain deplorables that were rigging the election. In response, I shored up my security and changed the city list. That really upset readers and was a strike to TPOL’s credibility. After appointing a special prosecutor who assured me that there would be no more collusion, I decided to take the top two of each list and have a runoff vote. The finalist from the second list are Taipei and Bangkok. The finalists from the first list are Lisbon and the overall frontrunner: Tirana, Albania. Hopefully, my readers’ belief in the election process will be restored. (I’m talking to you Lack, Dutch, Eponymous Coward, Boris, & Rupert.) The voting will end when Michigan kicks off its season in Dallas on September 2nd. I will move shortly after Michigan beats Ohio State following Thanksgiving turkey in Detroit. Go Blue! Go Lions!

How to curb voter fraud

Here is the runoff poll followed by the revised poll and the first poll. Happy voting!





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