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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Simply The Best: June 2020

Half the year is gone. What did you do this year?

Moving along. Here are the best posts from June.

  1. Finding Happiness: Tiger’s Nest (Bhutan Day 5)
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Pushing myself and pushing my guide to go beyond what most people do was well worth it.

2. House Hunters Puerto Rico: Old San Juan, America’s Most Beautiful City

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Though I decided against living in OSJ, I like visiting the city and walking around. No matter how many times I go, I still end up taking pictures of the cobbled streets, the colorful homes, and the historical monuments.

3. Master Bargainer: TPOL’s TIPS for Shopping Abroad

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If all else fails, hand the exact amount you want to pay to the merchant, put the merchandise in your bag, and walk away.

4. Finding Happiness: TPOL’s Search for the Point of Life in BhutanInvalid request error occurred.

5. Finding Penis (Happiness): Bhutan Day 4

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Day 4 was calmer than Day 3, minus the intense penis negotiations.

6. Round The Atlantic Tour Recap: Wow, We Did That?Invalid request error occurred.

7. Guns & Butter: Chicago Travel Guide (Baseball, Hot Dogs, Pizza, Beer, Pho Edition)

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I love Chicago in the summer and will go back for more baseball, hot dogs, pizza, beer, and pho.

Bonus: Why I Lie to Taxi Drivers About Where I’m From

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Do you pretend to be from somewhere to avoid small talk? If so, where?

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