Round The Atlantic Tour Recap: Wow, We Did That?


Was this Round The Atlantic Tour the greatest Trip Report? You can decide. It was one hell of a trip nonetheless. Here’s where I went:

And here’s the recap:

Flying Blue Promo! For 18k, I’ll Ride Coach to Napoli


Iberia Points Transfer Problems


Iberia Business Booked for 25k Avios! Best Deal Ever?


Training for the Tropics: My New Workout Program

Napa pizza please

Preview: RTA Booked! Caribbean, Europe, Africa

sprint map

Training for the Tropics: Week 1 Derailed

Training for the Tropics: Week 2 Sick2017-02-25 19.19.36

Training for the Tropics: Week 3 Improvement?

225: Anything less would be uncivilized

Hi Globalist! Where Are You Redeeming Your Free Night?


Training for The Tropics: I Quit

Diet before Moorea not in Moorea

Reservation Relief: Hilton Does Right By Me Too


Missed My Flight to NYC: The Freddies Strikes Again20160428_171301

Off to Newark to See FreddieBye MT

Olive Garden Times Square: Real Italian Food2017-04-28 20.05.50

JetBlued to BarbadosAC lullaby

Don’t Let National Holidays Mess With Your Trip

The party suite with no party @W Doha

Beach Clubs in Barbados: A Tainted History2017-04-30 20.29.49

Barbados Cruising Club: Home Sweet HomeCheers from Barbados

Barbados BBQ: Delicious!2017-05-01 19.13.27

Mount Gay Rum Tour: Drinking in the AM2017-05-02 10.17.02

Radisson Barbados: Beach Club Or Resort?2017-04-29 11.08.36

Guns & Butter: Barbados Travel Guide2017-04-29 13.40.21

LIAT from Barbados to Trinidad: Short, Sweet, Cheap2017-05-02 12.41.32

Uber in Trinidad: Save Hundreds2017-05-03 13.54.59

TPOL’s TIP: UBer is no longer available in Trinidad. Use TT RideShare.

Bake Shark @ Maracas Beach, Trinidad

2017-05-03 14.18.26

Where to Eat And Drink in Trinidad2017-05-03 19.19.23

Outstaying Your Welcome: Hyatt Trinidad Says No Pool AccessDare you deny me my Corona pic

Hyatt Regency Trinidad: A Little Bad, Mostly Good2017-05-03 18.03.20

Caribbean Airlines to Tobago: $24 for Convenience2017-05-04 00.03.33

Crab & Dumplings Tobago: Forget It!2017-05-04 15.48.17

Glass Bottom Boat Tour Tobago: Do Not Miss2017-05-04 12.57.40

Trinidad & Tobago: Dangerous? Nonsense

A typical mini bus with typical people in Trinidad

Miller’s Guesthouse Tobago: Chill Spot2017-05-04 10.38.07

The Best Airport Food: Trinidad’s POS2017-05-05 13.14.50

Hyatt Place Fort Lauderdale 17th Street: Convenient to FLL And Cinco De Mayo2017-05-05 19.22.09

S3 Fort Lauderdale: Sun, Surf, Sand, & Sushi2017-05-05 22.02.30

Flying Blu, Literally Depressed: DTW-CDG Air France in Coach

The Lack of Lounge Day from Hell in CDG

Air France CDG-NAP: Not as Bad as Round One

Napoli: An Interesting Arrival

Lombardis 1892: Proper Pizza in Napoli

Capri Island: Too Touristy for My Taste

Amalfi Coast: A Beautiful Tourist Trap

Avoiding Tourist Traps: My Naples Summary

Palazzo Caracciolo Napoli: A Beautiful Accor Hotel

Guns & Butter: Naples Travel Guide

Flying Alitalia Etihad Swiss to Palermo

Palermo! Pizza, Wine, And Panini

Party in Palermo: Your Guide to an Evening Out

Mercure Palermo Excelsior City: Should’ve Stayed At Ibis

Scammed or Stupid? A Big Fine in Palermo

Palermo to Catania, Go by Train

Catania, Sicily: Eat Horse Meat, Cannolo, Arancino

Syracuse, Sicily: An Exceptional Day of Food & Drink

Four Points Catania, Sicily: The Porn Suite

Mount Etna, Sicily Wine Tour: Fun & Games Until Police Stop

Agritourism in Sicily: The Insane Asylum Accommodation

Guns & Butter: Sicily Travel Guide

Food in Milan: Tourist Places But Good Nonetheless

Park Hyatt Milan: Let Me Live Here, Please

Negroni! Social Drinking in Milan

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II: Go At Night

Malpensa Express to Milan Airport: Forget The Automated Machine

Priority Pass Milan-Malpensa: Sambuca for Breakfast?

Train Vs Plane? Transport Decisions in Europe

A Mild Day of Tourism in Paris

McDonald’s Paris: Fine French Cuisine on My Birthday

Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome: Overrated Breakfast

Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome: Finally A TPOL Review

Off to Marseille!

Bouillabaisse in Marseille: TPOL’s Real Birthday Dinner

Where to Party in Marseille

Champagne & Cigars at the IC Marseille

Haircuts Abroad: Marseille Edition

Fancy French Food? Choose Street Food In Marseille Instead

A Football in Match in Marseille: Do Not Miss

InterContinental Marseille: A Timeless Hotel

Guns & Butter: Marseille Travel Guide

Flight Review Royal Air Maroc: Props to Marrakech

How I Almost Left Marrakech After One Night

Why I Decided to Stay in Marrakech

Medina, Marrakech: The Overview

Medina, Marrakech: The Tourist Dinner

Medina, Marrakech: The Detox Juice Bar

Medina, Marrakech: Lost in the Labyrinth

Medina, Marrakech: The Definitive Guide To Lamb Brain, Tongue, Eyeballs & More Food

Hivernage, The Other Side of Marrakech

Golf in Marrakech: BYOB

Le Meridien Marrakech: Dated Digs in Marrakech

Guns & Butter: Marrakech Travel Guide

From Morocco to Madrid: A Picture Preview of Spain

Tigre! Tourist Tapas in Madrid

Madrid Party Guide: Out All Hours

Uber One Madrid: My Review of Tesla

Attending A Bullfight In Madrid: A Range of Emotions

AC Hotel Avenida de America Madrid: Free Mini Bar!

AC Atocha Madrid: Shower Time

Flying Business or First? Don’t Rage the Night Before

Guns & Butter: Madrid Travel Guide

Iberia VIP Velazquez Lounge Madrid: Better Hungover Or Hungry?

Iberia Business Madrid Chicago: Solid SweetnessIberia Business Madrid Chicago Flight Review

Memories of Memorial Day: Sox & Tigers at U.S. Cellular

Pho Paradise Found: Asia on Argyle, Chicago

Giordano’s Pizza Chicago: Trust Your Taste Buds, Not Your Friends

Waldorf Astoria Chicago: What Changed? The Service

Chicago Style: Hot Dogs! Hot Dogs! Beer Anyone?

Tremont Chicago Hotel Review: Nice Hotel But Ditka Sucks

Guns & Butter: Chicago Travel Guide (Baseball, Hot Dogs, Pizza, Beer, Pho Edition)

Delta Sky Club Chicago: Hot Dog! A Great Bloody Mary

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