S3 Fort Lauderdale: Sun, Surf, Sand, & Sushi


With one night in Fort Lauderdale, I went to the beach for some sushi. The name of the place is S3 which is short for Sun, Surf, And Sand. At first, I didn’t realize it was a sushi place because it’s not in the name. Walking around like a fool for a minutes, I finally put it together.

This was a happening sushi spot with an interesting menu. Instead of the typical options, there were interesting choices like mac and cheese. I’d like to focus on two: the first were the sushi nachos. Who doesn’t like that? The second was the riceless sushi roll. This was all protein.

We also got the signature roll that came with jalapeños. Usually, I’m not a fan of fusion nonsense. It typically means we are ruining classic dishes by being creative. This time I thought it was refreshing to experience a restaurant that put a nice twist on a great dish.

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