Flying Blu, Literally Depressed: DTW-CDG Air France in Coach


The Air France DTW CDG Coach Flight Review is part of the Round The Atlantic Trip Report.

What is this Legos tin box I’m flying in? It says a340. Unlike a fine French wine, this aircraft does not get better with age. ‎The plane is so old that it has an ash tray. That could pass as a cultural difference if smoking was allowed on the plane. It is not.

Worse is the square display that transmits images. In 1988 this may have been called technology. Today, it is a sad excuse ‎for IFE. I watched Slumdog Millionaire and could relate. Simultaneously, the temperature in here was obscenely hot.

Dinner was disgusting. The chicken was burning up, and the rice grain dish was yuck. I had the apple sauce because I’m a baby.

The champagne was an insult to French culture, and I can confidently say from experience that better white wine is made in a prison toilet.

The coach experiment is over. I’m in Paris and will never do this again. I’d rather stay home and watch Nat Geo than endure another garbage experience like this.

I’ll never speak ill of Delta again.


  1. They send the a340 to Msp daily during the summer schedule. It’s the worst!

    On the other hand they get paid by MSP(city) to run the route and the plane is always full.

  2. This brings back terrible memories of flying Air France in the early 90s back when they still had smoking flights! It all looks dreadful – except the champagne. Unless that was some counterfeit version or it was warm, the champagne should’ve been perfectly acceptable. Can’t think of another airline where you get champagne in economy. But otherwise, how ghastly!

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