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Monday, July 15, 2024
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The Lack of Lounge Day from Hell in CDG

Air France’s bus route from DTW to CDG only got worse when we arrived bright and early into Paris. Our flight to Naples (also in coach) left at 8:45PM giving me plenty of time to relax, pull up a chair, and wait for Charles de Gaulle to present our Priority Pass Lounge. Only he didn’t.

Landing in Terminal 2F, the only lounge belongs to Air France. I wasn’t a business class passenger so I wasn’t eligible to pay to enter the first class lounge. I left the terminal seeking a place to spend the day. After walking for kilometers, I tried to go to Terminal 2D but was rebuffed. Since I wasn’t flying AirBaltic, I was not allowed to go through security. (This detail is actually on the PriorityPass site.)

My next option was to go to the Air Canada Lounge in another part of Terminal 2. This time I got through security but had to pass through immigration. (When I left Terminal 2 initially I was now free to wander all over Europe.) The agent stamped my passport which was painful to watch. I’m running out of space and have already added pages twice and will soon run out of room.

After walking more miles, I arrived at this silver pod terminal. We went downstairs to the Air Canada Lounge. And, guess what? The lounge was closed. It only stays open till 1:30PM (also on the app). Exhausted, I went back upstairs and found a nice lounge bed and spent the next six hours enjoying the free, reliable WiFi while passing in and out of consciousness.

18k TY points to Naples on Air France. What a deal I thought. I got what I paid for plus interest.

Here is my journey in pictures. Feel free to laugh along. a window with a plant in a pot a walkway with a sign on it a hallway with glass walls and a planter an escalators in a building a sign on a wall a sign on a wall a man sleeping on a couch a group of chairs in an airport




  1. Did you see the sheep in the sheep pen en route? I have always found that so funny, a sheep enclosure at a major airport like that. Random.

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