Air France CDG-NAP: Not as Bad as Round One


After an awful flight to Paris and an even worse day in the pod lounge, it was time to go to Naples, Italy. The bad news was that the flight was operated by Air France. The good news is that it was not on a Lego plane. The bad news was that we were seated in the very last row. The good news is that the food and wine were better on this short flight than it was on the long-haul from Detroit.

Air France again
No more Air France for now
The snack
View of the pod
Last row
No leg room



  1. I lived in Naples for two years and went back several years later to revisit the area in a rental car. Both times were memorable and I experienced nothing of what you have described. However, I can relate to your bus tour experience and it does have its shortcomings.

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