Napoli: An Interesting Arrival


As soon as I landed in Naples, I knew I was in for an adventure. Leaving the terminal, a man asked me in Italian if the ATM was working. I nodded yes. Then an undercover policeman came up to me and starting speaking quickly in Italian. I said, English only. He asked where I was from and if I was in the military. Then he let me go.

After that, I launched the Uber app. No Ubers in your area. The adventure continued with the taxi man. It’s supposed to cost 16 euros to get to the Palazzo Caracciolo. Of course, when I arrived he wanted 20. So there I was, only moments after arriving, fighting with another driver. We agreed on 17 euros, exchanged unpleasnatries, and went out to explore.

Little did I know what Italy had in store for me over the coming days.


  1. Have your Hotel arrange the pickup. I do it that way in Naples and it really is worth any expense to know that you are being taken care of. If you should forget something in the car you can assume the driver appreciates the Hotel’s continued business and returns it.
    I had this done by the Holiday Inn Nola and transit, as everything was great.

  2. Sorry to reply so late.
    If you are implying that the transfer arranged by the Hotel was more costly, Naples is tricky.
    Nola is quite distant from the airport and the first time I went and the taxi (JERK) hiked up the price and also dropped me off far from the real entrance to the Hotel.

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