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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Syracuse, Sicily: An Exceptional Day of Food & Drink

I was inspired to go to Syracuse in southern Sicily because a photo of it kept popping up on my Vizio screensaver. In order to get there, we rented a car, specifically a Fiat Panda for 60 euros a day. If there are two skills I wish I had it would be the ability to ride a bicycle and drive a manual. It was an adventure in Mendoza, Argentina and Bagan, Myanmar cycling. My experiences driving a manual have also been harrowing. Luckily for me, Ms. TPOL is an adept driver. She guided us from Catania to Syracuse with no trouble.

a white car parked in a parking lot

The main attraction in Syracuse is the island of Ortigia. If you are not a local, you are not allowed to park on the island. We parked at the garage and walked across the bridge. The first stop was lunch at “a Putia.” I highly recommend Sicily’s famous pasta alla norma along with a sandwich, antipasti, and bottle of vino bianco.

a store front with flowers on the front a menu with a drawing of men sitting at a table a sandwich on a plate a plate of food on a table a plate of pasta with sauce and cheese a plate of food on a table a bottle of wine next to a glass of wine

After that light lunch, we walked to the water to take photos of the fortress and explore the island. There are many photo opportunities and places to drink espresso. My happiness was interrupted when I saw someone on my yacht.

Plaza Minerva 

a stone building with people walking in the street a group of people walking in a street a group of people in a plaza a man standing in a plaza with people in front of it

The Vizio Wallpaper 

a body of water with buildings and a railing a boat in the water a body of water with a body of water and a sailboat in the distance a body of water with boats and buildings in the backgrounda man standing on a rock by the water

a man standing on a dock next to a boat

After running out of photo poses, it was time to eat again. Pasta for lunch meant pizza for dinner. Right off the main square was Kaos. The pizza in Italy does not come in neatly cut pizzas. Instead, you’re supposed to take a knife and fork to it. Seems like no one from NY taught the Italians the trick of folding. With only a few incisions, I was able to transform the pie into two normal sized NY slices.

Kaos Pizza 

a black box with white text and red letters a pizza with ham and mushrooms on a white plate a slice of pizza on a platea man eating a pizza

Tired, it was time for more Gelato and one more espresso before hitting the road in my Panda.a trays of ice cream

a group of people standing on a stone walkway
Bridge from Ortigia to Syracuse




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