TPOL’s Next Home: The Other Cities in Portugal?


The last three cities on the list for Vote Where TPOL Will Move are Coimbra, Braga, and Aveiro. All are in Portugal. I doubt they will win as they currently have 2.28%, 1.27%, and 1.02% of the vote. This de minimis amount does not qualify them for an individual post. Surprisingly, Taipei is still ahead. My choice, Gran Canaria is stuck in fifth. Voting closes September 1st! The new poll for summer of 2018 will be up shortly after that with Tirana, Albania back on the list.

Or I will live on a boat.


  1. Porto is lovely, but in December the weather will be mostly cold and with some rain. The wine will warn you up, for sure.

    Have you ever considered Faro? It’s in the south of Portugal – Algarve region – and you will pretty much find some brits over there. And probably more sun.

    Oh! And there’s also Ponta Delgada in the Azores. Amazing place to be. Really. You will be in the middle of Europa and N. America. 🙂

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