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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Catania, Sicily: Eat Horse Meat, Cannolo, Arancino

Sunday, May 14th, there was a marathon in Catania. Saturday, May 13th, TPOL sprinted through all the local foods of the area. I started with a freshly prepared panini in a deli located off of the main walking street, Via Etna. This was followed by an espresso. From there I went to Etoile d’or, located right outside the walls of Piazza Duomo, for sweet treats including a cannolo mignon and a croissant o chocolate which was accompanied by a macchiato. For dessert, I had an arancino which is a cone shaped potato stuffed with corn and meat. After that I headed to the meat market for horse and sausage. The thin cut horse steak was soaked in balsamic‎ and was pretty good. The pork onion wrap and sausage was the end of the race for me. I tapped out and went back to the Four Points Catania after that. I had to save the pasta alla norma, a famous Sicilian dish, for the next day.

Via Etna 

a building with a sign on the sidea group of people walking on a street a group of people walking in front of a building a man standing in front of a food stand a tray of food in a plastic bag a woman using a machine

a cup of coffee on a saucer with a spoon

‎Piazza Duomo, Home of the Elephant Fountain

a statue of an elephant on a pillar a group of people in front of a large building a white car parked in front of a building a group of people in a square with a building in the background a building with a large archway

Etoile d’or

a building with a sign on the wall a croissant on a paper towel a cup of coffee and a cannoli on a plate a fried food on a paper a man sitting at a table eating a sandwich

Horse Meat Station 

a sign on a wall a sign with meat wrapped in bacona display case with food on it a piece of meat on a cutting board a man in a white hat in a kitchen with food in containers a sausage and a vegetable on a platea plate of meat on a table a man eating food on a plate


Via Etna: The street that leads to the Elephant Fountain is similar to West Nanjing Road in Shanghai. Check it out, but it’s too crowded for my taste.

Etoile d’or is located right outside of the Piazza Duomo, home of the Elephant Fountain.

Finding Horse Meat: Exit Etoile d’or and go left. Keep walking for 3 blocks and it’s around the corner.




  1. A few years ago to find horse meat in Europe you just had to go to your favorite supermarket and buy frozen lasagna. Really.
    It was kinda of a scandal when this got to the eye of the public

  2. All of your photos are bringing back a lot of memories. We were stationed in Sicily for 3 years and would go to Catania a lot. I miss the outdoor market there, and panini stands, among other things.

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