Bouillabaisse in Marseille: TPOL’s Real Birthday Dinner


It was my birthday which is why I thought I would treat myself to dinner at Le Petit, a Michelin 3 Star restaurant that Anthony Bourdain had gone to when he was in Marseille. After reviewing the menu, I could not rationalize spending 180 euros per person on dinner, exclusive of wine. The hotel changed our reservation to Peron which had a beautiful view of the sea. I ordered Marseille’s most famous cuisine, bouillabaisse, which is a soup made up of a variety of fishes. If you order it from a cheap restaurant, you may find yourself in the hospital. If you order it at a fancy restaurant, sit back and enjoy the fancy presentation. First, the fish is served and then the soup is gently poured on top.

In addition to this expensive bowl of soup, I also ordered a local bottle of wine, oysters for appetizers, and another entree. At the end of dinner, I was surprised with birthday dessert.

The bill came out to a reasonable $200 for two people which was far more reasonable than the Michelin restaurant but a bit more pricey than McDonald’s in Paris.

TPOL’s Tip: If you go to Marseille, be sure to order the bouillabaisse.


  1. Happy Birthday! I’m surprised you didn’t try to find an Olive Garden, ;). Keep up the good posts; I enjoy your writing and wit. I grew up near Flint, too, but haven’t yet tried your restaurant recommendations (b/c I’m now in D.C.). Feel free to email me if you get out this way and want to get a drink or lunch.

    • Thank you. Can’t believe how many people took the Olive Garden post literally. Flint! See you in DC next time.

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