Off to Marseille!


Are you tired yet? At this point in the Round The Atlantic Trip, I had gone to Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Naples, Milan, Sicily, and Paris. Now for my birthday, I decided to go somewhere different. I watched Bourdain’s segment on Marseille and thought that if angry men liked it then so would I. The flight to Marseille was on Air France. Once again, I didn’t have access to a lounge because Air France has a monopoly on lounges in its terminals, and I’m not Blu enough to enter. The quick flight had me further convinced that the DTW-CDG flight is a cruel trick played on Detroiters by the French in retaliation for us not pronouncing the name of the city as intended– “Dey-twah.”

French wine on Air France in France


  1. Last September I flew from DTW to LHR to MRS. I loved, loved Marseille and it is one of my favorite cities. If you need a tour guide to take you out into the countryside, let me know. We had William from One Day in Provence and he was the best we ever had. Such an amazing day with him in a beautiful countryside. Have fun in Marseille and if you have a chance, go to Cassis!

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