Simply The Best: June 2017


June! Is now July. But June was great for TPOL’s views and for the exquisite articles I wrote. It was also a great month for comments. Many people didn’t get my humor. Others liked to point out how stupid I am for mistakes made while traveling. If you’re a first time reader or a snarky commentator, please realize that I shamelessly share all my experiences: good, bad, and stupid. My hope is that readers can get a laugh when I do something dumb, not repeat my mistakes when I encounter something bad, and follow in my footsteps when I experience something good. Pontificating complete.

Here are the top posts for June 2017:

  1. Amalfi Coast: A Beautiful Tourist Trap

    I hate tours. I say hate with a capital 8. Short on time, the only practical way to see the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii is on an 8 hour bus tour which goes for $85
  2. Scammed Or Stupid? A Big Fine In Palermo

    The penalty for traveling without a bus ticket is legitimate, but I have questions if the persons enforcing the penalty were.
  3. Park Hyatt Milan: Let Me Live Here Please 

    Everyone talks about traveling off the beaten path. Sometimes, it’s nice to get off of that and get back on the red carpet.
  4. Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome: Overrated Breakfast 

    My recommendation if you go to the Park Hyatt Paris is to skip the buffet and do room service, an option that is included as part of your Diamondalist perk. My other recommendation is to stop listening to people.
  5. McDonald’s Paris: Fine French Cuisine On My Birthday

    Similar to my experience at the Olive Garden NYC, I knew I had made the right dining choice.
  6. Agritourism in Sicily: The Insane Asylum Accommodation

    Welcome to the insane asylum. That is the only way to describe Casale Poggio del tiglio – Catania 4584, an agritourism accommodation at the base of Mt. Etna.
  7. Guns & Butter: Sicily Travel Guide

    Looking to see and do everything in Sicily in 4 nights? Look no further.

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