Where to Party in Marseille

Looking to party in Marseille? Right on Vieux Port is an endless row of pubs packed with people. Strangely, most of them were Irish. There’s also a ferris wheel if you want to live out your Marseille TV Series fantasy.

The IC Marseille: A staple of the TV show
Irish in France
My favorite bar was a Scottish pub called The Queen Victoria. They served many varieties of Leffe including Leffe Royal.
Other notable spots were Club Exit which played good hip-hop, Havana Club for a taste of rum, and Shamrock which somehow has a perfect Yelp rating. There are also many nightclubs in and around Marseille, but I was too full from birthday dinner to do all that.
Club Exit
Avoid this terrible beer at all cost
After walking around the marina, head for some after hours food. The hot sauce should be avoided and so should the falafel. The shawarma sandwich was decent enough but misses the cut for Best Kebab(p) in The World.
 TPOL’s Tip: Marseille gets very cold at night. Bring a coat!


    • Yeah, clearly there are areas that are not as safe as the picturesque waterfront. Sort of reminds me of Cape Town in that regard.

  1. I was there for the Euro last summer – luckily right after the whole Russia vs England soccer fan fiasco (google the youtube footage if you have not seen – its nuts). I ended up liking Marseille a lot more than I expected to. It was a bit under lockdown as a result of the fan issues (no glass served anywhere, no takeaway beers at markets, etc) but did not seem too dodgy at all

    • i remember that. I wrote a review on orange stadium (publishing monday) and the lack of alcohol. Wish I could’ve gone for the eurocup. I was in iceland which was really crazy.

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