Where to Eat And Drink in Trinidad

All you need to do if you’re hungry or thirsty in Trinidad is head to Avenue. Call the Uber and get there ASAP. Hot dogs and pizza are not in short supply. However, there are local favorites that should not be missed.
Here are the top four:
  • El Pecos: Famous for soup but when I went all they served was delicious meat. The ribs were great as was the lamb. 2017-05-03 18.56.39 2017-05-03 18.59.39 2017-05-03 19.04.13
  • Doubles: Yum and yum. It’s curry, chickpeas, and yumminess wrapped in bread. The weight of the deliciousness leaves the bread in disarray and everything a mess. 2017-05-02 21.01.38 2017-05-02 21.01.57 2017-05-02 21.02.42
  • Roti: What is this exotic creation? It’s like a chalupa meets a burrito meets Indian delight. I had the goat roti with pepper sauce and, apart from making a mess trying to eat it, found the experience to be incredible. 2017-05-03 19.18.47 2017-05-03 19.18.54 2017-05-03 19.19.07 2017-05-03 19.19.23 2017-05-03 19.19.27 2017-05-03 19.19.51 2017-05-03 19.26.28 2017-05-03 19.27.11
  • Gyros: The best place for gyros in Trinidad is Hassans. My Lebanese friend will make you an exquisite gyro with pepper sauce that rivals The Best Athenian Gyros2017-05-02 23.39.58 2017-05-02 23.42.49 2017-05-02 23.43.272017-05-03 22.03.55 2017-05-03 22.06.30

    2017-05-02 23.52.44
    The shrimp gyro was interesting but I’d stick to lamb

For drinks, head anywhere on Avenue. The music is great and the people are friendly. I rather enjoyed Frankie’s. 2017-05-02 21.15.34 2017-05-03 20.19.40 2017-05-03 20.20.07


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