Outstaying Your Welcome: Hyatt Trinidad Says No Pool Access


I was at Maracas Beach in Trinidad and returned to the Hyatt to kill some time before my 1AM flight to Tobago. I hadn’t had a chance to check out the pool so I thought I’d go take a look. The pool is on the 4th floor and requires a key to get on the elevator. Since it was 5PM, my key no longer worked. I went to the front desk to request that my access be restored. Surprisingly, they said no and explained I’d have to stay another night to access the pool. Baffled, I stood there in silence. She went and asked the manager who granted me access until 7PM.

Status or no status, I always assumed that a guest is welcome to outstay his welcome longer after checkout. What effect does it have to deny someone access to amenities? Vegas lets guests go to the pool no questions asked, and those pools are happening. This is a great pool but it’s obviously not Vegas.

Dare you deny me my Corona pic
Dare you deny me my Corona pic


  1. Aren’t you a Diamond-ist? If so, that’s particularly bad service, but as you said, it basically costs them nothing anyway.

  2. The Park Plaza Orchid in TLV provided us with a spare room for 5 hours after late checkout at 4 PM and lounge access was still available during that time.

  3. Why would you feel entitled to use a hotels facilities after you have checked out and are no longer a guest? The fact that they actually let you use the pool till 7 is pretty generous on their part.

      • I’m stunned by your philistinism. You are absolutely entitled; there is simply no other word for it. Do you expect to use your car after the lease expires? Do you expect that your movie ticket is valid all day long?

        It would be one thing if the hotel denied you usage of the restroom facilities or the hotel restaurant. Those are generally available to the public and are not a perk granted as part of a paid stay. Groveling that you weren’t granted access to the pool – clearly an amenity for guests – several hours after checkout is beyond understanding.

  4. Are the trinidadian pennies still the same size as US dimes? I remember my folks coming back from there back in the 70s with sacks of Trinidad pennies which they happily gave to us to use in vending machines. (I only post this here because you’re a cheater, too :)P

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