TPOL Replay on CNN Business Traveller!


I’m back on CNN Business Traveller with Richard Quest. When it first aired last October, I was in St. Petersburg. This time I’m in Italy.

Back then, I received hateful messages from MSers. Today, it’s just the opposite. Anyone shut down by a bank knows to contact BachuwaLaw to fight back. Back then, I thought that having an extra Redbird card was a clever way of getting points. Today, I know that there are people who made a living off of MS.

You know who else knows and always knew about MS? The banks. Dozens of arbitration claims later, I can confidently say that no trick goes unnoticed. Serious MSers are at the mercy of banking institutions that choose to tolerate consumers so long as it is profitable. Push it too far and those customers are cut off.

I find it funny that people were angry with me over a simple diagram which revealed nothing and which I didn’t make. I also find it funny that CNN incorrectly portrayed me as an MSer in the follow-up article. If I knew the tricks then that I do now, I too would be persona non-grata at all financial institutions. Instead, I’m a simple man who became an overnight international celebrity.

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