TPOL, An Expat in Bangkok? Albania’s Back: Vote Today


Vote Where TPOL Moves Next! And I’ll Go There became a bit controversial when I switched the election from a huge list of random cities to a more refined list. The biggest gripe came from Tirana, Albania voters who thought I was rigging the election because I didn’t want to move there. To be clear, there were Soviet forces (Comey was going to reveal the IPs before his firing) that were manipulating the results.

Having said that, TPOL is a man of the people. I have heard your voices and am adding Albania back on the list! . . . for where I live in the summer of 2018. I’m in Italy right now and there are too many tourists and too much price gouging for my taste. A summer in a country like Albania would be an ideal getaway from the masses and from skyrocket prices. Google “Albania beaches” and you’ll see why living there in the summer would be more than fine. A winter there sounds like Mongolia part 2. Warm weather was always a prerequisite for where I will live.

Hopefully adding Albania as an option in the next election appeases the critics. But for now, I still have to figure out where I’m living come December. Today’s featured city is Bangkok, Thailand. It is the least desirable city on the list because I have been there many times (see New Years 2016! My Last Binge in Bangkok). It’s currently 4th in the poll behind Taipei, Ko Samui, and Porto.

Here are the other cities on the list and the poll. Happy voting!

#CityCountryCost of Living per monthTemperature in December (Celsius)Internet Speed (mbps)SafetyNomad Score

4Las Palmas, Gran CanariaSpain$1420212485%91%
5BragaPortugal $1343153982%93%
8Ko SamuiThailand$1400301580%86%
9Lisbon Portugal$1949151180%78%

Ko Sahn Road every day would be a death sentence
Khao San Road every day would be a death sentence


  1. I see no Tirana on the poll options. Obviously Sean Spicer has been put in charge of your posts. #fakenews

  2. I’ve been going to Thailand for years and my eldest son was born in Thailand and I have yet to visit Pattaya or Khaosan Rd (I see both as the same) for that matter. I love the Banglamphu neighborhood and my favorite restaurant (Chote Chitr) is a walking distance to this hippie backpacker tourist trap called Khaosan Rd. Bangkok, my dear friend has so much to offer and skipping Khaosan Rd altogether will make visiting or staying a much better experience 🙂

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