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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Hyatt Regency Trinidad: A Little Bad, Mostly Good

2017-05-02 15.59.42

Getting There: Take Uber! Yes, there is Uber in Trinidad. Don’t listen to the hotel which recommends the $30 taxi.

As a blogger, I write reviews based on my experience. As TPOL, I say what I want to say, regardless if it is popular or not. My stay at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad was a bit of good and a bit of bad. And that’s okay.

Let me start with the bad and then I will get to the good.

Some Not So Helpful Staff 

As I wrote before, I came back from a day at the beach and wanted to kill some time before my midnight flight to Tobago. I figured I’d lounge by the pool for a few hours then hit Avenue for some food and drinks. I was surprised to find that the person at the front desk would not give me pool access until I pressed for it. That was not the only instance that the staff was indifferent. There wasn’t anyone overtly rude or impolite but not everyone was Hyatt friendly.

And now for the good.

The Helpful Staff

Checking in was great. I appreciated the bubbly.

2017-05-02 16.01.06

The women in the Regency Club were the best. They told us where to eat, where to drink, and even helped me ease into my buzz by making me a Johnnie Walker and coconut water. I suggest you try it. The manager at breakfast was also helpful. He gave us a lot of information about the island and recommendations for what to do in Tobago.

2017-05-02 17.37.40

The Hotel Itself

The hotel is modern and aesthetically pleasing.

2017-05-02 16.36.21 2017-05-02 20.43.04 2017-05-02 20.43.19 2017-05-02 20.53.44 2017-05-02 20.53.51

The Room 

Corner room ya’ll! This wasn’t a suite upgrade, but it was a very nice room with a great balcony.

2017-05-02 16.16.34 2017-05-02 16.16.46 2017-05-02 16.16.59 2017-05-02 16.17.05 2017-05-02 16.17.19 2017-05-02 16.18.08 2017-05-02 16.19.13 2017-05-02 16.18.45 2017-05-02 16.18.38 2017-05-02 16.19.59

The Bathroom 

Hyatt may have the nicest showers out of all the hotels in the world (see Park Hyatt Guangzhou). This Hyatt Trinidad’s was also very good.

2017-05-02 16.17.25 2017-05-02 16.17.44
2017-05-02 16.17.56 2017-05-02 16.18.01

The Breakfast 

The breakfast had great local food and a mix of traditional options. I love Trinidad hot pepper sauce. The omelette was also delicious. I’m glad that it was free as $32/person is a bit steep.

2017-05-03 08.51.48 2017-05-03 08.52.19 2017-05-03 08.52.30 2017-05-03 08.53.08 2017-05-03 08.53.10 2017-05-03 08.54.40 2017-05-03 08.55.242 Capture

2017-05-03 09.27.21

The Lounge 

What’s better than breakfast? Drinks and snacks. Again, there was local food and fan favorites.

2017-05-02 16.36.40 2017-05-02 16.37.14 2017-05-02 16.37.47 2017-05-02 16.38.10 2017-05-02 16.38.55 2017-05-02 16.41.03 2017-05-02 16.43.51 2017-05-02 16.50.56 2017-05-02 17.30.46 2017-05-02 17.34.54 2017-05-02 17.34.59 2017-05-02 17.35.06 2017-05-02 17.35.09 2017-05-02 17.35.13

The Gym

I walked into the gym and walked out. It looked nice but I still have not figured out how to workout while on vacation.

2017-05-03 08.29.22

The Pool

On a clear day, you can see Venezuela from the pool. I don’t think that’s true but Trinidad is close by. I sat on the lounge chair, pina colada in hand, watching ships roll in. And then I watched them roll away again. #otis #nochurchinthewild

2017-05-03 17.19.18 2017-05-03 17.19.53 2017-05-03 17.20.00 2017-05-03 17.24.40 2017-05-03 17.25.29 2017-05-03 17.26.54 2017-05-03 17.30.07 2017-05-03 17.35.18 2017-05-03 18.03.20 2017-05-03 22.12.41

The Location 

The Hyatt is located within walking distance of Avenue but it is probably better to take Uber to be on the safe side.


I will return to Trinidad during carnival and I will stay at the Hyatt again.




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