Party in Palermo: Your Guide to an Evening Out


In terms of livability, Palermo was my second favorite city on this trip after Milan. I have already written about the great food. Now, it’s time to drink.

Leaving Frida’s pizzeria, I walked through the historic streets of Palermo and followed the crowds to Piazza Garraffello. The square was packed full of people and was surrounded by bars and food vendors. Since I was really full from the pizza, it made sense that I sample the street food. First, I tried some barbeque skewers. No thank you. Then I got after a hot dog. Thank you.

Time to drink. The locals beer of choice was Birra Moretti. I ordered a jumbo one and began exploring the area around the square. My wanderings led me to the port where there were many people walking around, drinking, and relaxing. In the distance, I could hear the sound of a young Canadien boy singing reggaetoen, a tune that became the unwanted anthem of my trip. I headed in that direction and found a nightclub called A’Cala with a patio and patrons dressed up for a serious night out. With a train to Catania in the morning, tonight was not that kind of night for me. Instead, I walked back to my hotel through the peaceful streets of Palermo.

Like Bieber, this ad followed me everywhere I went.





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