Palermo! Pizza, Wine, And Panini


I come to eat. Save the church tours. Save the city tours. And nobody cares about castles. All I want is wine and food. The first stop in my tour of Palermo was a panini spot. I had a great sandwich and freshly squeezed OJ.

After a long nap, I went for wine in the city center. Order a bottle of wine and behind door two is a free appetizer tray of snacks. I loved the donut filled with ham and cheese. What else could anyone want?

After that, it was time to drink more. I ordered a robust bottle of red for 35 euros. I fancy myself a wine expert and say that this bottle lived up to the price.

Still hungry, I went to Frida’s pizzeria. Come early, make a reservation, and be prepared to wait a couple hours. Alternatively, you could download the app and make a reservation one day in advance.

I ordered two pizzas. One was a mistake. It had sardines. The other, the atomic, was the bomb diggity: an egg, ham, and sausage pie with nicely toasted crust.

Sardines, not my thing
Atomic dog

Palmero is the spot for food and drink. Will it be the spot to go out?



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