Four Points Catania, Sicily: The Porn Suite


The Four Points Catania Hotel Review is part of the Round the Atlantic Trip Report.

Getting There: After the train ride from Palermo, I took a taxi with a funny old man who honked at every opportunity and cursed everyone’s name. The price of the taxi was ‎15 euros after my original 12 euros was denied. He reached for his sock and pulled out….his phone to express his disapproval and use the calculator function to ask for more.


The hotel is far from the city center. After a day of visiting the center where I ate way too much and was overwhelmed by the crowds, I’d say that’s a good thing. The hotel does offer a shuttle that has to be reserved which goes to and fro. Otherwise it’s 20 euros to get back. On the other hand, the hotel is right across the street from the sea and a delightful espresso spot for a pleasant breakfast with a view.

The Staff

The front desk helped us rent a Panda, plan our agritourism excursion, and setup transfers to the city center. Their guidance and assistance were greatly appreciated.

The Hotel Itself 

The hotel was a botanical garden with interesting decorations.

The Pool

I visited Catania in May, so it was a bit chilly for the pool. With so much to do, I wouldn’t have had time to make use of it anyway. Still, it looked like a great place to relax.

The Room Entrances 

This post is all about the room. We were upgraded to a one-of-a-kind suite. I opened the main door to find two more doors. The door on the left required a separate key and led to the bedroom. The door on the right led to the living room.

The Bedroom 

The bedroom was a standard room with a king size bed and a separate balcony from the living room. The orange carpet set the mood.

The Living Room 

I’m 93% certain that the living room was used in Boogie Nights. It had orange carpet and crazy furniture. The chair reminded me of the Maxell commercial.

The Bathrooms

The shower in the bedroom was not as good as the shower in the main room and it was smaller. The shower in the main room was a walk-in, not the Euro death trap from Naples.

Main Bathroom 
Main Bathroom 
Main Bathroom
Main Bathroom 


This is a great points choice in Catania from which to launch your Sicilian adventure. The rooms are 3000 to 4000 points a night while the daily rate is over $100 with taxes.



  1. I’ll be honest, with a title like this, I expected more than just orange carpet. I don’t mind click-bait articles, but this definitely falls into that category. Enjoy my click!

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