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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Park Hyatt Milan: Let Me Live Here, Please

The Park Hyatt Milan Hotel Review is part of the Round The Atlantic Trip Report.

Getting There: If you are arriving from Malpensa Airport, the best way to get to the hotel is to take the fast-ish train from the airport to the city center and either cab or take the metro to the hotel. I landed in the local airport, Linate, so I just took a taxi. Note: Uber in Milan is not cheap. All I found was Uber Black.

Everyone talks about traveling off the beaten path. Sometimes, it’s nice to get off of that and get back on the red carpet. After my stay at the Insane Asylum, I was more than ready for pampering.

a bush in front of a sign a building with ivy growing on the side

Checking In 

I arrived at the hotel and my room was not ready. No matter, I had an espresso in the beautiful atrium.a glass dome with a light from it a cup of coffee on a plate a vases of flowers on a table a table with a flower in it

The Location

The hotel is located minutes away from everything. I walked to the Duomo Di Milano, the Sforza Castle, and was mere footsteps from the McDonald’s in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

a large white building with many people in front with Milan Cathedral in the background
Duomo Di Milano
a man standing in front of a fountain with a clock tower in the background
Sforza Castle
a street with shops and stores on either side of it
a man sitting on the floor in a large building
La Galleria

The Room 

I used a DSU and was treated to a very elegant room. Off the top of my head, I would have to say that it was one of the best in all of my travels. The room was on the 2nd floor, the floor historically reserved for royalty because of the ornate rooms with high ceilings. The room had huge windows that opened directly onto the street.

a room with a bed and a television a room with a bed and a television a bed with white sheets and pillows in a room with a window a bed with pillows and a vase of flowers in front of a window a room with a bed and a window a bed with pillows in a rooma light fixture on a wall a window with a view of a buildinga room with a bed and windows a building with arched windows and arches a group of scooters parked in front of a building a group of buildings with arches a room with a table and chairsa room with a television and a table a room with a bed and a table and a television a room with a television and a tablea room with a couch and tablea tv on the wall a room with a mirror and a chair

The Amenities 

An espresso machine in Italy? It seems insulting to the baristas. But, I won’t tell if you won’t.

a shelf with wine glasses and bottles a tray with coffee cups and teapots a diffuser with sticks in it a pen on a pad a box with a tool in it a group of plums on a tray next to a box a piece of candy on a piece of paper

The Bathroom 

A tub, a rain shower, and marble is how a bathroom should be. I turned on Bocelli and did my best impression of the character from To Rome With Love.a bathroom with a large mirror vanity and a bathtub a bathroom with a large mirror and sinks a bathroom with a large shower and tuba sink and faucet in a bathroom two gold boxes on a white surface a group of black boxes and a white bottle of lotion a group of bottles of shampoo and body care products a shower head in a bathroom a bathroom with a bathtub and a shower a bathtub in a bathroom

The Service 

Park Hyatt’s service is always exceptional. They really know how to make guests feel comfortable. My only complaint is how they send guests to expensive restaurants instead of recommending local flavor.

a black car parked in front of a building
Mercedes chauffeur included in dinner reservation

The Breakfast

I’m sure there is better breakfast in bistros than at the hotel but we cheap, opportunistic points people won’t pass on free breakfast, especially when it’s at the Park Hyatt. The buffet was disappointing but I was able to order one item off of the a la carte menu. Obviously, I picked the most expensive item: a lobster and caviar omelette. Note: caviar does not taste good warm. a glass dome with a light from it

a room with a large glass ceiling and people sitting at tables a group of bags of food a table with plates and food on ita buffet table with plates of food a meat slicer in a room a group of green bottles on a table a plate of breakfast food a plate of food with greens on it a couple of glasses of orange juice

The Gym 

I gave up working out in hotel gyms. I prefer my TRX ropes. I checked out the gym here and was impressed that it offered headphones, in case you forgot your Shures at home.

a group of water bottles a black box with white earbuds in it


After my adventures in Naples and Sicily, my stay at Park Hyatt Milan was the perfect break I needed before I resumed my adventure.



  1. We found the PH Milan to be surprisingly dated…and in major need for a refresh/refurbishment, actually. The location is wonderful…until you need to get into or out of the central tourist district and realize it will take you a long time to often find a taxi/Uber and with so much traffic as to be problematic. The FS Milan suffers the same problems but isn’t quite as dated….but still is dated and needs a refresh. The Excelsior Gallia is spectacularly beautiful and far more modern than the PH or FS and is located outside the tourist district by the central train station…but has service a degree less impressive than the FS or PH.

  2. We enjoyed our stay at PH Milan last year for our wedding anniversary. We used a DSU and got a lovely big suite looking to the streets. Loved the great location so central to major sights as we prefer to walk everywhere in most cities we visit. Thought the breakfasts were good – I tended to have a full cooked breakfast whereas the other half always sticks to yogurt, cereal, and toasts! One morning they had really nice fresh juices. The bathroom amenities are the same as used in PH Dubai, but I prefer the ones at PH Milan as they did not have the strong smell. Getting from Linate to PH was easy for us as we always travel with only carry-ons, local bus to city centre then walked to hotel. Only downside was the cost of the stay – quite pricey.

  3. I agree, this was definitely in my top 5 – best of all time – hotel rooms and experiences. The Laura Tonnato product is the best fragrance I have ever had in a hotel room, and I hope they have not changed it. What you have pictured does not seem to have the same name that I recall. The one I used was balsam something….with a forest like smell. When I was there they also offered breakfast in the dining room, and it was perfect. That may have changed, as I was there about 7 years ago. Perfection for sure!! Can’t wait to return.

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