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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Negroni! Social Drinking in Milan

If you’re looking for a fun time in Milan, take a taxi to Colonne di San Lorenzo. It’s full of young fashionable people being fashionable. There are pop up bars where beers go for three euros and small cafes and lively pubs.

a group of people standing outside a building

I made my way to a bar called Cheese (that’s the name, not the translation) where I had a potent apertif known as Negroni. Negroni, a few notches down from Amarone wine, is a toxic compilation of Campari, gin, vermouth, and regret. The waiter, who was hilarious and lived part time in NYC, asked if I wanted small or large. I took a large one and then another. That made the night very interesting.

a man and woman sitting at tables outside at night
The locals teaching us the culture

While sitting outside, we were approached by a man with a Polaroid camera. For 3 to 5 euros (he wouldn’t go for 1) he will take a Polaroid photo to commemorate the evening. I don’t get this hustle but one of my friends paid him and thus I have this story to tell.

a group of people sitting at a table

Following drinks, we left in search of an after hours food place. Lost, we ended up at a beer garden. a glass of beer next to a bottleOne beer later, the adventure continued. We found the restaurant. The name is Le Capannelle and it is located on Viale Papiniano. There for my last supper in Milan, we had a bottle of wine from Sardinia, a four cheese pizza with ham, and traditional spaghetti with tomato sauce.

a man eating pizza and wine

A taxi ride later, we were back near the Park Hyatt. We snapped a few photos of La Galleria which is very nice at night when it is empty compared to the day when it’s insanely busy.

a man sitting in a large hallway

Three hours later we were off to the airport.


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