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Friday, July 19, 2024
Homethe pressEspresso in Italy: My Wake Up Call

Espresso in Italy: My Wake Up Call

A few years ago, I had a great idea to write a coffee table book about coffee tables. It was called The World Press– Caffeinated Cultural Commentary. In each city I went, I would jot down my observations of a city while sipping an espresso. The book would be a newspaper and would have different editions depending on the region. Here is the prototype:

a newspaper with a cup of coffee

I posted a few of the entries on the blog which can be read here.

Unfortunately, I could never find a reliable graphic designer to design the book. At the same time, I quit writing the snippets because they didn’t get much traffic. Despite the lack of success, I continued to take pictures of espresso all over the world. After visiting Italy, the birthplace of espresso, I have decided to resume the project. The goal is to write a new entry once a week while developing the newspaper template. From there, the book will be published and I will be famous.

Let’s see.

a man drinking from a cup
TPOL is ducking profund



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