Espresso Bar Italy: Nothing Better

Espresso bars are my favorite places to go in Italy. The baristas are typically young, fast talking guys that put Starbucks employees to shame. They make a caffè doppio in lightning speed and hand you your change before you’ve had a chance to take a sip.
After being ripped off in Amalfi for a double espresso, I made it a point to ask how much it was before ordering. In Naples, the barista told me ‘nine’. Scared I was going to get taken again, I had him write it down. Turns out, it was 90 cents. This makes Starbucks‎ the real crooks for preparing second rate espresso.
In Catania, across from the Four Points was my favorite espresso place. It was right on the water and served great espresso and tasty treats.
In Catania’s city center, I again stopped at an espresso bar for more caffeine and a beer. The simplicity of the scene made it serene.
In Milan, I enjoyed an espresso in the atrium of the Park Hyatt. Though the setting was very nice, I longed for the espresso dive bar.

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