Complaint Of The Day: Samsung S7 Camera Not Saving Pics!


I have a photographic memory or maybe I don’t, I can’t remember. Anyhow, I know what I have taken photos of because I actively search for them when I write blog posts about topics. The issue I am having is that my Samsung S7 which takes the best photos, especially at night, is not saving the damn photos. I have the settings setup to show me a preview of the pic so I know that the photo is taken. Still, the pictures are not always saved. This really grinds my gears because these are necessary pics for the blog. Maybe the S8 won’t have this problem.

I used to take pics with my Nikon 1 J4 and have thought about buying another proper camera, but the convenience of just using my phone has been more than sufficient. It’s also easier to take pics on my phone and use apps to share them instead of having to sync this and that.

What’s the solution?

Damn you Samsung. Damn you.

Glad you saved this one you POS phone.


  1. I think in S7 specifications,it ia weitten that it supporst SD card upto 256 GB,if yoi are using 1TB SD card it could be a reason too.

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