Monday, June 5, 2023

The Press in Mandalay

The press in Mandalay is at a crossroads. The country is on the cusp of modernization while simultaneously stuck revering antiquities of the past. The preceding is not a reference to the infinite shrines, an...

Happy New Years from Mandalay

Top places to spend New Year's according to critics are the following: 1. Times Square New York 2. Sydney Opera House Australia 3. The Strip Las Vegas Scroll, scroll, scroll. #68569 Benghazi, Libya Scroll, scroll, scroll. Keep scrolling. Where is Mandalay? I have...

Get on the Bus to Mandalay [Bay] sic

Like a Spike Lee joint I got on the bus then onto another bus then onto another bus to go from Ngwe Saung back to Yangon to the bus station then to Mandalay. The trip...
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