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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Get on the Bus to Mandalay [Bay] sic

Like a Spike Lee joint I got on the bus then onto another bus then onto another bus to go from Ngwe Saung back to Yangon to the bus station then to Mandalay.

The trip took almost a full 24 hours. I left the beach town at 10am and am about to pass out with a room overlooking the bay of Mandalay.

This is where the comparisons of Las Vegas’s Mandalay Bay and the real town of Mandalay end. There is no bay in the city of Mandalay. Vegas made it up and nobody cared to call them out for it as they were too busy enjoying the wave pool.

My initial impressions of what I’ve seen left me disappointed that a name as cool as Mandalay could have a town that doesn’t live up to its Vegas billing.

Here’s the view from my hotel. It’s slightly different from Viva Las Vegas.



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