Glass Bottom Boat Tour Tobago: Do Not Miss


Boat tours are hit or miss. I took one to the Rosario Islands when I was in Cartagena and did not enjoy it.

In Tobago, we had our own boat which made all the difference. The tour makes three stops. The first is to the famous Buccoo Reef for snorkeling. Snorkeling is an activity that I never feel like doing but rather enjoy once I’m in the water. I took a few pics of the fish and each time I did I ended up with photos that did not capture the beauty. Satisfied with my appreciation of marine life, we made our way to the pool in the ocean.

The name of this magical place is Nylon Pool. It is certainly worth the price of admission. You are dropped in the middle of the ocean, but the water is only three feet deep. Taking pictures of the clear sea is much more rewarding than those of the fishies.

After a few more minutes of realizing that living doesn’t have to suck, it was time to head to the final spot: No Man’s Beach. A little wading, a few more snapshots, and it was time to head to land. But wait, the boat was stuck.

The captain and I used our might to free Power 1 and away we went.

2017-05-04 11.33.16
Power 1


2017-05-04 12.49.23
Nylon Pool
2017-05-04 13.38.15
No Man’s Beach

2017-05-04 12.51.23 2017-05-04 12.57.40


2017-05-04 13.42.45

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