Crab & Dumplings Tobago: Forget It!


Crab and dumplings, crab and dumplings. Jerry, when you gonna see the baby! Everyone in Trinidad and Tobago hyped up crab and dumplings which is specially made in Tobago in Crown Point. So I took a taxi from one side of the island to another to sample this famous local dish at Ms. Jeans.

It was $3.50 for a bowl of crab, dumplings, and curry stew. It ended up costing me plenty more when it was done.

First, they don’t provide you with adequate napkins. What’s one napkin going to do when you have to eat crab by hand? Next, they don’t provide you with tools to break open the crabs. What am I supposed to do, use my pinkie nail to prod out the crab meat? I resorted to brute strength. I grabbed the leg and squeezed with all my might.

Wiping the curry from my brow, I realized I made a big mistake. A half hour later, I did as much damage as possible and gave up. I settled for fried shrimp and fries and a pina colada on the beach for dessert.

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I had crab and dumplings in Tobago and all I got was this stained tee shirt.


  1. Looks like my shirt after I eat drunken noodles. Maybe white isn’t the best choice for eating messy dishes…

  2. Skimpy on the shrimp i see lol. You know there’s an art to eating crab – you have to “fracture” it and don’t need utensils.

  3. Crab dish for $3.50 is a winner in my book. But I think they gave you skinny male crabs which don’t have enough meat. I get why you’re crabby with this lol

    • lol google crab & dumplings tobago and you’ll see i’m not the only one who had a problem eating it. funny stories about others with same frustration

  4. Seriously dude? 1. that’s a good price 2. crab and dumplings is messy but it’s a no brainer to eat and it tastes darn good. Your loss bro lol

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