Trinidad & Tobago: Dangerous? Nonsense


If you read the #fakenews on the Internet, you would believe that Trinidad & Tobago are dangerous, especially Trinidad. There are articles about tourists being killed by machetes and robbed in broad daylight. There are warnings not to go to secluded beaches in Tobago because of pirates looking to plunder on the booty of unsuspecting tourists.

Somehow I managed to go out in the day and night without armed‎ guards and I survived. Somehow I took a public bus from Maracas Beach back to Port of Spain with locals and nothing happened. Somehow I went to No Man’s Island in Tobago and made friends.

How is this possible?‎ Beyond my wit and charm getting me out of trouble, there is another explanation: the islands are not dangerous. It is true that the crime in Trinidad is higher than Barbados, Aruba, and Grand Cayman. But it’s nothing more than you would find in a major city. Just because it isn’t a sleepy island doesn’t mean that it isn’t safe. The action and hustle of the city is a reason to go, not a reason to stay away.

A typical mini bus with typical people in Trinidad
A typical mini bus with typical people in Trinidad


  1. To be fair here, the chances of any specific crime happening to any specific person who is reasonably aware and not insanely stupid are generally pretty low. If you would let Ms. TPOL wander alone at dusk, you really do find it to be safe. When I lived in Miami, I worked with a lot of Trinis who were very clear that Trinidad was very dangerous, particularly for gringos. If it’s changed for the better since then, that’s obviously good.
    On a separate note, the looping video on the right seems to cause some problems with downloading. Hopefully, it’s just me.

  2. hype!

    on my round the world bike ride, i cycled through colombia where family and friends guaranteed me i’d be murdered 37 times and kidnapped even more.

    the first night on the road a man flagged me down. he was stoked on my trip. he told me of a house he owned. where the hidden key was. and to make myself at home.

    remember, it’s easier to govern those who live in fear.

    reader challenge : leave your door unlocked tonight and see if an axe murderer really puts an axe in your forehead.

  3. Trinidad – Population of approximately 1.4 M. Murder rate to date 189.

    Whilst you look to advertise Trinidad and Tobago. Please do let the facts remain the facts. Please do not bambooze the heads of unsuspecting innocent people for the sake of earning a dollar or a pound or two. Do not speak on facts that you are obviously unaware. The stories regarding the state of play of blood shed on the streets of Trinidad are unfortunately for me and many locals true.

    I am pleased to hear that you were able to visit Trinidad and come out safely and i do hope that will be the case for future visits.

    However some people have not come home and how dare you brand that as fake news. How dare you downplay or even try to brush underneath the carpet those who have and are continuing to loose loved ones in this “war”.

    Write whats True.

    To the Locals and to all those who have lost children and family members and may i add in innocent circumstances know the type of place that Trinidad has become. There are locals that do not travel between certain hours or go to certain places but still end up in situations that was not their fault.

    There have been many innocent people that have been caught up in the blood bath that is going on at present.

    It’s because of this type of advertising that the situation will become worse and the people that are in dire need of help will not receive it.

    When writing articles on the platform you have accountability. Stand up and speak and write about the truth, what is right and Just.

    Please be aware that whilst i am very saddened about Trinidad and its criminal state at present, this does not take away from the fact that there are some absolutely beautiful people there, there are beautiful people and some mind blowing places. The crime situation to date needs to be dealt with to ensure not only visitors but locals are also safe.

  4. The average murder rate in Trinidad & Tobago is at least one person per day. That make at least 365 people being murdered per annum. In recent years this number increased. After Jamaica T&T has the highest murder and crime rate of the Caribbean.

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